Thiravium Group of Institutions

Thiravium Group of Institutions

Kailasapatty, Periyakulam Road, Theni

Department of Maths

The maths department our college is functioning from 2013. The improvement and achievement in various field are the gift of mathematics. The world of education without mathematics would be non-existent. The demand for the students of mathematics is bound be consistent and constant. At present the department of mathematics having five qualified staff members and are providing the basic maths knowledge to our student.


To develop our intellectually rigorous community of students and faculty together engaging in teaching and learning that advance knowledge in diverse areas of mathematics.

  • To provide professional services based on our diverse mathematical and statistical expertise to the scientific, technical and educational community.
  • To achieve high standards of excellence in generating and a propagating knowledge in mathematics department is committed to a providing an education that combines rigorous academics with joy of discovery.
  • To provide an environment where students can learn become competent user of mathematics and understand the use of mathematics in other disciplines.

The values that guide our decisions, strategies and actions are:

  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Innovation and
  • Ethics
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  2. Thiravium College of Education
  3. Thiravium College of Nursing
  4. Thiravium College of Paramedical